Transform your body - Transform your life

Welcome to HUFC Club – your way for fitness and community in Lahore. With top-notch facilities and expert coaching, we’re here to help you reach your goals. Join us and discover the power of fitness together.


Founded in 2023, HUFC Club is Lahore’s premier fitness and community hub, dedicated to health and wellness. Discover a new level of fitness and belonging with HUFC Club today!


At HUFC Club, our expert coaches are committed to your success. With personalized training programs and attentive guidance, they’ll help you reach your fitness goals faster.


Discover a diverse training mix at HUFC Club, from calming yoga to intense cardio. Whatever your fitness levels, we’ve got you covered. Join us and reach your health goals effortlessly.


More than just a gym, HUFC Club is like a big family focused on making your life better. We have really good equipment, great trainers, and a friendly atmosphere. We’re here to help you get healthy in every way possible.

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